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Policies Against Used Tickets.



Used Disney Tickets- Used Disney Hopper Tickets

Several years ago the State of Florida passed a law forbidding the resale of used Disney tickets. Today, uninformed tourists will still comes across people trying to sell off the remaining days on their Disney tickets through various venues. Disney frowns on this practice andwill not help to reimburse you should an issue arise with re-sold partially used tickets. More often times than none the partially used ticket will not work at the gates and Disney simply stamps void on your ticket and sends you on your way with no recourse.
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There is a reason why you take your chances when purchasing partially used Disney World tickets. Effective January 1, 2004 Disney changed the way their tickets work. No longer were they using a paper ticket that was stamped as you used your tickets. Instead they adopted a new technology with a 'credit' card style ticket with a magnetic strip. So only Disney could verify what is left on a particular ticket They also implemented a system that connects your bio metric print to the ticket as well. So only the original user will know how many days are left on the ticket and have the matching bio-metric print to go along with the ticket.

west gate ttfi transportation.comWalt Disney Co. has begun the process of laying off about 150 people who work at the company’s movie studio.Analysts said that the layoffs, which were confirmed by the Burbank-based company Wednesday, are probably related to redundancies created by Disney’s recent acquisitions of Marvel Entertainment in 2009 and Lucasfilm in 2012.“I am sure there is some overlap from those acquisitions,” said Disney analyst Harold Vogel, president of Vogel Capital Management.The cuts, which are expected to affect the studio's marketing and home entertainment divisions and possibly other areas, are believed to be the result of an internal corporate review initiated by Disney Chief Executive Bob Iger.“As part of an ongoing review to ensure that the studios’ operational structure and economics align with the demands of the current marketplace, we have made the difficult decision to reduce our staffing levels in several divisions of the studio,” a Disney spokesperson said in a statement.Disney declined to comment on the specific number of personnel affected. According to a 2012 filing with the Securities Exchange Commission, the company had 166,000 employees at the end of its last fiscal year. Disney's studio had a hit this year with “Oz the Great and Powerful,” which so far has grossed about $454 million worldwide. Its remaining 2013 in-house, live-action releases are Johnny Depp's “The Lone Ranger” and Tom Hanks' “Saving Mr. Banks,” which is about company founder Walt Disney and the making of the classic “Mary Poppins.”Several of Disney’s upcoming biggest projects are being made by units like Marvel Studios, producer of “Iron Man 3,” which will be released May 3.